Solfege Hand Symbols

Solfege Hand Symbols

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let's Use Solfege! Our First Assignment - due by 2/26/2010.

This introductory voice lesson has been so exciting! The following chart displays the Solfege scale, our pronunciation tips for each syllable, and our class reminders for how to shape our hand symbols. Remember to practice reading/singing the Solfege scale from the bottom to the top! Use this chart as a reminder for practicing your new skill and as a tool to help complete your assignments.
Solfege Review:

Solfege Scale -- Our Pronounciation -- Our Hand Symbols

_____________________ Do -- doe/dough -- high fist
__________________ Ti -- tea/tee/ "T" -- point to airplane
_______________ La -- La -- roof top/ upside down "V"
___________ Sol -- so/sew -- "itty, bitty T.V.screen"
________ Fa -- Fa -- thumb's down!
_____ Mi -- me -- flat surface/tabletop
__ Re -- ray -- skateboard ramp
Do -- doe/dough -- low fist

Let's Use Solfege! Our First Assignment - due by 2/26/2010.
Now that we've learned our Solfege scale and hand symbols, it's time to try it out with a simple melody!

Your Assignment:

1. Select a simple song, such as "Mary had a little lamb," "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," etc. or feel free to make up a short song of your own for this assignment.

2. Take a few minutes to figure out the Solfege scale syllables that go along with your selection and write them out.

3. In the comments section of this blog, post the following:
- a. Name of the song selected.
- b. Solfege syllables for the song.
- c. Your thoughts about Solfege and how it can help you to learn vocal music.
- d. What do you think about the new blog for our class?

4. In our next music class (following 2/26), you will be able to fully "check-off" on your assignment by performing your selected song for me, by singing and using the hand symbols.

For extra credit, you may choose to take a few minutes during classtime to teach your selection to your classmates! :-)

Most importantly -- Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Mrs. Olsen!

    1. My song is "Mary had a Little Lamb."

    2. mi re do re mi mi mi, do do do, mi sol sol, mi re do re mi mi mi mi re re mi re do.

    3. Learning Solfege has been so much fun! I sang it to my mom, ascending and descending. Now she wants me to teach it to her! I sang my song for my little sister Sara -- she loved it!

    4. This new Blog for our music class is really cool! Now I can do "real stuff" on our home computer -- this is fun!!!!! :-)

  2. Hi, this is Gina!

    1. "Hot Cross Buns"

    2. mi re do. mi re do. do do do do re re re re mi re do.

    3. Solfege seemed kinda hard at first, now it's so easy -- I love it! My song came from our recorder book. Mrs. Olsen, I can already sing Solfege for our recorder songs all the way to page ten. I want to do the extra credit for the class -- may I do it next time? THIS IS FUN!

    4. I like this blog. I hope that you will keep giving us some assignments that we can do on the computer. Even my classroom teacher, Mrs. Garrido, thinks this is really neat! Thank you for letting our class be first to try it out! :-)

  3. EO students will post comments in this section.

  4. Hi,

    This is Annie.

    1."Indian Chant"

    2. mi re, mi re re re do, re do re, mi re, mi re re, re do do, re do re(then repeat all)

    3. Learning the solfege scale has been really fun! I loved every second of it! The scale really helps me learn more about music than I already have! It has also taught me how to sing the tunes right in a song! I really loved the blog for our classroom! I wish we can have more assignments on online! THE BLOG IS GREAT!

    4. I am looking forward to do my check off next music class! I might even do the extra credit for the class!

  5. Hi this is Jamie W.

    1. "Hot Cross Buns"

    2. mi re do. mi re do. do do do do. re re re re. mi re do.

    3. I like learning the solfege scale. It's made me a better singer.

    4. I think this blog is really cool.I look forward to doing more assignments on this blog.
    Thanks for letting us be the first ones to try it.

  6. Hi, this is Ian L.
    1. Jingle Bells
    2. Do do do. do do do. do sol mi re do. fa fa fa fa fa do do do do re re do re sol. do do do. do do do. do sol mi re do. fa fa fa fa fa do do do sol sol fa re do.
    3. I think that the solfage scale is a good way to practice singing because it gives you notes to make your own songs.
    4. I think the new blog for our class is wonderful!

  7. hi,this is GinaH.

    1.Hot Cross Buns

    2.mi re do. mi re do. do do do do re re re re mi re do

    3.Ilove learning the solfage scale!Ithink it will help me to use high and low pitched sounds.

    4.I think this blog is lovely!

    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. hi this is vishnu!
    my song is Indian Chant:
    mi re mi re re re do re do re mi re mi re re re do do re do re. (repeat)

  9. hi this is Melissa

    1.solfege scale do do do,fa fa fa so fa mi,
    fa fa fa so fa mi ,do do do do,
    fa fa fa so fa mi ,fa fa fa so
    fa mi [repeat]

    3.I love solfege especily learning
    it with a great teacher like mrs.Olsen
    I think that is why it was so fun.

    4.I think this blog is the best idia ever.
    it will help a lot of people learn solfege

  10. This is Garrett.

    1. Hot Cross Buns.

    2. Do re mi do re mi do do do do re re re re do re mi.

    3. I love the solfege scale now i know how to control my voice.

    4. I also love this blog when i first looked at it I did the solfege scale immediately

  11. Hi Mrs. Olsen, this is Langston V.
    1. Old McDonald Had A Farm.

    2.Sol, sol, sol, re, mi mi, re, ti, ti, la, la, sol (repeat).

    3. I thought learning the Solfege scale was great because it's a fun way to read music.

    4. This blog is cool!

  12. Hi Mrs. Olsen this is Nikki A.

    1. Hot Cross Buns

    2.mi re do,mi re do, mi mi mi mi, re re re re, mi re do.

    3.I liked learning the Solfege Scale because I thought it was fun.

    4.I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!!

  13. Hi,this is Cj T.
    1. Mary Had a Little Lamb
    2. mi re do ray mi mi mi, mi mi mi, mi mi mi, mi ray do ray mi mi mi, mi mi ray ti do ray
    3. I liked learning about the Solfege Scale because it sounds good.
    4. This assignment was really hard but I learned how to type better.

  14. Hi, this is Rayna from EO!!!
    1.Hot Cross Buns
    2.mi re do,mi re do,do do do do,re re re re,mi re do
    3.The Solfege Scale looked hard at first but after we practiced a lot I got used to it!
    4.This assignment was awesome!!!

  15. This is Kathyrn
    1. Hot Cross Buns
    2. mi re do mi re do do do do do re re re re mi re do
    3. I liked learning the Solfege Scale, it is fun and amazing
    4. This assignment was great

  16. Hi, this is sophia.
    My song is Marry had a little lamb.

  17. 2. I like doing solfeg scale. It s fun.

  18. IT WAS HARD AT FIRST BUT i'm geting the hang of it.It is a very good learning tool.

  19. Hi,this is Suzette
    1.Mary had a little lamb.
    3.I like learning the Solfege Scale.

  20. hi this is kaylee cross buns
    2.mi re do mi re do do do do do re re re re mi re do
    3.i really like this bolg it is fu but it was hard at first

  21. Hi, this is Alexis & Sierra

    1. Hot Cross Buns

    2. mi, re, do, mi, re, do, do, do, do, do, re, re, re, re, mi, re, do

    3. This blog was fun, but hard at first. We really liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Hi it is Jessica

    1.Rain,Rain Go Away,do,re,re,do,re,re,do,mi,re,re,do:

    3.This stuff was hard at first but now it is easy and fun.Ilove your blog!!!!!!!!!

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  24. Hi this is Sara,
    1. Indian Chant
    2. mi,re,mi,re,re,re,do,re,do,re,mi,re,mi,re,re,
    3. The solfege scale was fun to learn
    4. I love this blog!